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Gorilla Biscuits -  No Reason Why



Gorilla Biscuits - No Reason Why


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Joyce Manor - Leather Jacket

I miss the way we talked before you went away to school.
Now all you seem to say is “Baby, how could it be you?”
I hate the way you’re leaning and you’re looking at your phone.
I hate the way I feel like dying when I’m alone.

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Superheaven - 2014


"Maps" -The Front Bottoms

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God's Hate - Admission Of Guilt


God’s Hate - “Admission of Guilt”

Pushed too far, you’re forced to react. 
Now you’re face-down with a gun at your back. 
The Badge’s word against your own. 
Stripped of your rights and forced to atone. 
Criminals in uniform, false sense of power. 
Feeding from the public palms, driven to devour. 
Trading virtues for hostility, lacking all morality. 
Hailing from academies, delinquents with a salary. 

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Joyce Manor - Constant Headache


Having sex in the morning, your love was foreign to me
It made me think maybe human is not such a bad thing to be
But I just laid there in protest, entirely fucked
It’s such a stubborn reminder one perfect night’s not enough

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